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Welcome to Soul Light Connection

Joy Gaffney

Shaman Healer/Teacher, Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Counselor 


Joy offers her clients the opportunity to choose wellness in all areas of their life. She offers her expertise as a Cerified CranioSacral Therapist along with her expert training with other healing modalities. She helps enable your  healing process through balancing your energy  bodies, the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Joy has a strong background in teaching spirituality, which she pulls from over 23 years experience of practicing the way of the Shaman. She utilizes her strong intuitive gifts as a Psychic, Medium during her spiritual counseling sessions helping others to find peace and reconciliation with their loved ones both on the physical and spiritual plane. Joy's true strengths are shown through her dedication and passion with helping others reach their goals toward internal peace and self love, along with teaching them a greater understanding of their spiritual self.

Walking the way of the Shaman


Walking the way of a Shaman has been my greatest testimony to self in deepening my connection to LOVE and LIFE eternal. It is through my own personal experience with walking the way of a Shaman that I have developed many gifts of the spirit. I believe my gift of empathy is my greatest gift to give in service. The gift of empathy is one’s ability to feel everything and everyone through one’s heart, thus giving us a deeper connection, compassion and love for life. These gifts of greater truths have become my way of life thus allowing me to share and teach others a better understanding of oneness, peace, joy, and love, and, it all began with a commitment to Healing Myself through my heart while walking the path of a Shaman.

- Joy Gaffney


Connecting the Soul 

to the Light

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