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Massage Testimonials

“A massage with Joy is extremely comfortable, relaxing and transformative - I always feel better after every massage with long lasting results  - you must try it!”
-Barbara S.

“A massage from Joy is the ultimate gift you can give yourself and or someone else.  There is no comparison for relaxation and relieving stress. Her massages help me get through a difficult and stressful time in my life. They don’t call it massage “therapy” for nothing.”
-Karen W.

"Due to my very physical and hectic lifestyle, I have a difficult time slowing down. During a massage with Joy, I can relax and escape into a more peaceful state of mind alleviating tension as well as healing my over worked muscles. Joy provides a professional and serene environment making it easy for me to Relax completely. I would recommend her massages to anyone!"
-Diane D.

Spiritual Testimonials

I want to share the experience that I had as a student of Joy Gaffney. I received a gift certificate for a massage from a friend for Joy, which was wonderful - by the way. (I have since given each member in my family one)... But more than that we started to discuss the healing power of energy. I found Joy to be so informative and so interesting and knowledgeable about energy.

I asked if she would guide and teach me with all that she knew about healing techniques so I could get my Reiki Master Certification. I started to take monthly classes where we discussed topics such as chakras, energy, healing and different forms of healing techniques. I am so excited to say I finished my Reiki Master classes and am now a Certified Reiki Master.

I am so grateful to Joy for her time, her knowledge and her passion.. I feel so lucky to have had such an enthusiastic and caring teacher.

Thank you Joy for your love and passion ❤️

Pip Fritzsche

"I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Joy. She has an incredible ability to tune in immediately to you and your guides. She is helping me to better understand my gifts and has taught me valuable nuggets of information to aid me on my journey. Her expansion into love and light is unlike anything I have ever seen or felt before. Joy is a beautiful soul through and through and will amaze you with her breath of knowledge as well as her intuitive skills. I HIGHLY recommend basking in Joy’s energy when you have the opportunity."

-Joann L.

"My first experience with the other side was through Joy. She helped me connect with my grandfather who was 'stuck'. Joy was able to communicate loving reassurance to help him cross over leaving myself and my family grateful."
-Michelle B.

"Joy Gaffney is an astounding healer with the ability to clearly convey messages from One’s Angels, Guides and Higher Self. Her heartfelt messages empower her clients with knowledge and protection adding a unique approach to channeling." 
-Sofia M.

Dear Joy, Thank you for your help along my spiritual path. Your psychic abilities are some of the best I have ever experienced - your readings are incredibly accurate; the messages and healings are enlightening and most welcome.


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Thank you, Joy, for your loving guidance. Even your patient acceptance is a lesson for me, the mark of a true teacher. I am eager to continue your classes and develop my gifts as we learn more of the Way of the Shaman. Thank you for being in my life, my friend. Love and blessings.


"Joy, I just wanted to let you know that I SO appreciate all you have done for me and all the wonderful wisdom you shared. It means a lot, esp. when I needed it the most. Your kindness and teachings will be forever ingrained in my heart. Thanks so much,"

"Joy, We each have our own unique spiritual journey. It is often during times of transitions, transformation, and growth that a cloud of confusion and uncertainty arises, and in the midst of it all we can momentarily forget who we are. Energy that is meant to flow freely can get stuck and it is important that we learn how to release it along with emotional attachments and judgments allowing love and kindness to rise to the surface so we can heal. This is when the insights and guidance from someone gifted and full of wisdom brings light into our temporary period of darkness. Joy, I am so glad to have met you! Thank you for being part of my journey. I appreciate your support, your wisdom, your guidance, your kindness, your light, your love, as I continue to pick up the puzzle pieces of my life so I can finally see the big, beautiful picture. Thank you for being an amazing resource inspiring me to further develop my own divine gifts as a healer. I look forward to continuing this work with you. I appreciate you and all you do."


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